CDLXXIII - Dare to Dream

Dec. 20, 2020

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Swords: Sword of Dare


The Sword of Dare is resting against a mans bed

sword of dare: Pssst! I dare you to wake up 3 hours early!

Sleeping guy: MMR!

The Sword of Dare is now resting against a tree while the man takes a bath

sword of dare: I dare you to drink that bath water.

Sleepy guy: MHRR.

The Sword of Dare is now sitting at the dinner table while the man eats his breakfast

sword of dare: Hey man, have you thought about killing the King lately?

Sleep deprived guy: HMPH.

Final panel is of a poster in an alleyway that reads : FOR SALE - THE SWORD OF DARE - KEEPS DARING ME TO DO DUMB STUFF AND I'M NOT REALLY SURE WHY

A second smaller poster reads : MISSING -KING GREYBLADE - PRESUMED DEAD

Secret Text

For those of you who are slow - he drank the bath water.



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