CDLXVIII - Soulbound For Greater Things

Dec. 5, 2020

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Creatures: Ghosts

Swords: Soulsword


A ghost is looming over a common man, who in turn is holding a derelict sword

Wraith: Return that sword to my crypt where it belongs!

Commoner: Ahh!

Commoner: You mean this old sword is haunted? Cool!

The Commoner is now wearing suspenders and a tie, standing outside a weathered building labelled "Haunted House". Customers are pouring in.

Commoner: Step right up! Just one gold coin!

The Wraith is sitting on his sword glumly. The sword is sticking out of a pile of hay. The rest of the building looks depressing and dirty.

Wraith: Ugh. Boo.


Secret Text

If I find a few more soulswords, maybe we can move in to a Haunted Castle.



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