CDII - Claws

May 2, 2020

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Creatures: Saber-Tooth Tiger

I'm following a set list of prompts from "ILL-ustration", the online quarantine Art Jam. Find it on Facebook!


Huntmaster: Hrmm... Hunting for the Sabre-Tooth Tiger, are ye?

Monster Hunter: Aye.

Huntmaster: Be wary: They say its claws are just as sharp as its fangs!

Monster Hunter: Aha! I've finally found you!

saber-tooth tiger: Mrow?

Monster Hunters sword whips out with a SHWING! sound

saber-tooth tiger: Mreow.

Sabre-Tooth Tiger scuttles across the ground on its full-sized sword claws with a CLAK CLAK CLAK sound

Monster Hunter: Ahh! You poor thing!

Secret Text

One manicure usually takes 12 armed men.



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