CCCXXXVII - Freakshow

Nov. 23, 2019

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Characters: Rad the Sworc

Creatures: Elves

Locations: The Bearded Hills The Shelf

The Swords forum is now in early development. I hope you'll all enjoy it once we've added all the appropriate bells, whistles and swords.


Dwarven voice: AND STAY OUT!

Rad, the Sworc: Stupid Dwarves, banishing me from their stinky underground kingdom

Elven Sage: You want to live here, with the elves? I guess we could arrange something

Rad, the Sworc: Ahh! This is much better.

Rad realizes he is in a zoo display with the sign "SEE THE FREAK! HALF-ORC, HALF-SWORD!"

Rad, the Sworc: HEY!

Secret Text

Really, isn't a jail cell just a big sheath to a living sword?



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