CCCXXXV - Natural Born Killer

Nov. 19, 2019

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Characters: Rad the Sworc

Creatures: Orcs

Locations: Orcadia

I'm back! Sorry to keep you waiting. I went to my first convention since I started Swords : Wellington Zinefest! Thankyou to everyone who came and said hi and let me know what your favourite episodes are! That's the first time that's happened! It was a great vibe.


President Orchid: Listen! I'm as open minded as the next orc about what you are, but it's time for you to face exile!

Rad, the Sworc: Hey man! I didn't ask to be born half sword!

President Orchid: Then stop stabbing people!

Rad, the Sworc: What was that? I wasn't listening.

Stabbed Orc: Gah!

Secret Text

You wouldn't ask a swordfish to get a nosejob.



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