CCCXIV - Overgrown

Oct. 14, 2019

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Characters: The Overgnome

Creatures: Lake Monster

Locations: Lake Tang

Swords: Lake Monster's Sword Overgnome Sword

Hi guys, I hate to have to ask, but my Surface Pro 4 has entered a state of continuous crashing so I think I have no choice but to upgrade to either the Surface Pro 6 or 7 to keep making comics. If you've got room in your finances to send me $3 on Ko-fi I'd really appreciate it; and you'll get a special rank in the Swords Discord to show you helped.

Here's the link Thankyou!

Yesterday's prompt was Overgrown - sorry its a bit late! I had to reset my computer about 10 times just to keep it running long enough to rescue the .PSD


lake monster: Take this sword and become the new King

Overgnome: I am the Overgnome! I'm already the biggest and Kingliest of all gnomes!

Overgnome: But I suppose I can accept your trinket...

Lake Monster emerges and bites his hand

Overgnome: Argh! So that's your game, is it? Well I'm still too big!

Lake Monster's second, larger mouth emerges from the lake

Overgnome: Well shit.

Secret Text

The King of Gnomes is never late, he arrives precisely when he means to



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