CCCXCIII - The Sword of Sloof

April 1, 2020

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Characters: Shank the Shopkeeper

Swords: Sloof Sword

Hello everyone.

Despite what I may have said yesterday about the series pivoting in the new, exciting direction of being shield-based, it is with a heavy-heart I must tell you that Swords Comic has now been purchased by the Sloof Company and all episodes will be containing their product placement as of today.

Thankyou to everyone who has supported me, but I could not survive as an independent creator and have caved to a big corporation. I hope you can understand that it is what is best for me.


Adventurer: My sword broke in two while I was fighting a training dummy! Can you believe it?

shank the shopkeeper: Well... I see your problem...

shank the shopkeeper: This is a SLOOF(tm) branded sword!

shank the shopkeeper: I'm amazed that you're alive at all, frankly.

Secret Text

SLOOF paid me big money for this product placement. The biggest. I'm typing this on a gold keyboard.



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