CCCX - Pattern

Oct. 10, 2019

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Characters: The Bridge Bandit

Today's prompt is "Pattern". I'm so tired. Free me.

PS. The Swords 2019 Survey is now live! Please feel free to fill it in with your thoughts about the series and its future. I promise I read all the feedback.


Adventurer: I've watched the Bridge Bandit defeat over 100 adventurers!

Adventurer: He always defeats them in a few short moves, using the same attack pattern every time!

Adventurer: Prepare to be bested, sir!

Adventurer is covered in cuts, his sword is bent out of shape

Adventurer: ... Okay, he had more moves than I thought.

Secret Text

None of the other adventurers had reduced the Bridge Bandit to <50% HP, which is when his moveset changes.



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