CXC - Demon King Origins

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> The Sword of Boundless Hunger, possessed by the ghost of Xiphos the Barbarian King, looking at Kris the Necromancer talking with the zombified body of Xiphos the Barbarian King **Xiphos, the Barbarian Zombie:** Blaaaades! **Kris the Necromancer:** Yeah, yeah... **The Sword of Boundless Hunger:** Say... Isn't that your body over there? **The Sword of Boundless Hunger:** And zombies wander around looking for their soul, right? **Xiphos, the Ghost Barbarian:** I don't follow you... >Xiphos the Barbarian Zombie eating the Sword of Boundless Hunger, while Mere, Chad, Bread Knight, Rapier Tapir, Princess Joyeuse Hilton, Kris the Necromancer, Jian and Stabastian watch in horror **Xiphos, the Zombie:** OM NOM NOM! >Xiphos the Barbarian Zombie transforming in to the Demon King! The one from Swords IV!! **The Demon King:** Hah! Surprise, nerds!