CCL - Turning Of The Tide

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Hi, I'm back from a week long break. I have a lot of fun new ideas for comics - turns out if you take a minute to step back and let your brain switch off for a little bit, you actually have time to think of jokes. Who knew? Anyway, I hope you weren't too bent out of shape in my absence - I'll start making it up to you right away. There will be a period where I'll be catching up on a lot of Patreon comics, so if you'd like to guest star in an episode of Swords, now might be a good time to get in the queue? As always, I really appreciate your support, here's a couple of things you can do to help Swords out: >[Support Swords on Patreon!]( >[Support Swords on Ko-Fi!]( >Whitelist this website! If the ads get annoying you can just switch them off again, but it really helps me out.


>Baltad, standing before Kargob's empty desk **Baltad:** Kargob? >Baltad, wandering the Godrealm **Baltad:** Kargob...? Greg...? Where is everyone? >Meanwhile in the mortal realm, the Demon King has found Smith in the Barbarian Village **Demon King:** Aha! Found you! You didn't think you could run and hide, did you? >Smith is standing in front of four of Xiphos' Wives, Nova, Cula, Culter and Cultello **Smith, the Fake Barbarian King:** Stay behind me, ladies. >Back in the Godrealm **Kargob:** Your champion isn't doing too well down there... **Baltad:** Kargob! There you are! **Kargob:** I took care of getting you a better one. The rest is up to you. >Demon King punching Smith in the gut - WHAM! >Demon King holding up Kargob's Fang, the fourth Godsword he needed **Demon King:** Kargob's Fang is mine! >Kargob disintegrates **Kargob:** Take care, pal. **Baltad:** KARGOB!!