C - Round One

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**Sharp Sharply:** And there you have it, lords and gentlefolk - the final match of round one is over! The eight competitors moving in to round two of The Swor'nament have been decided! Let's look at those results now! > Spencer the Fencer X - Rapier Tapir ✓ **Spencer the Fencer:** Ack! I yield! > Mere ✓ - Chad The Bastard Sword X **Chad:** I hate you so much. > Glaive The Adventurer ✓ - Smith The Blacksmith X **Glaive The Adventurer:** We'll fight again one day... > Xiphos The Bartender ✓ - Prince Sheath of Paladium X **Kargob:** Ew. > Dagger The Gnome X - Odachi The Samurai ✓ **Odachi The Samurai:** N-no... > The Bright Knight ✓ - Sabre X **Bright Knight:** Sorry for uh... murdering your sword > Entrails The Dark Knight ✓ - Sword Golem X **Sword Golem:** Ow. > Harpe The Lake Kinght X - Princess Joyeuse ✓ **Harpe:** Ahh! My armour! What's happening! > Severed arm of Lake Monster lays on a bank of the lake. A mysterious hooded figure leaves humming under its breath.