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Long ago, when Kargob first forged the mortal realm, the sworld was filled with dinoswords. Dinoswords are an ancient order of beast that exist in the shape of a sword, but are also living, breathing prehistoric life. When Bogg and Krog, the first humans, began an arms race to invent the sharpest club, they were already familiar with these scaley beasts.

Legend tells of a long-necked dinosword that towered above the treetops and of another dinosword with great wings on its cross-guard that let the wielder soar through the air. It was fairly rare that humanoids managed to tame these ancient weapons, however. Being sentient and able to hop about with their pommels, they were simply wild beasts with their own agendas. You were most often likely to spot them sitting blade-down in a rock, soaking up rays from the hot sun.

In addition to these dinoswords, there were various regular dinosaurs with swords as part of their bodies. There is no known account of a bipedal sword-dinosaur like the Tyrannosaurus Seax ever wielding a dinosword - their limbs were simply too short to take up arms. It was most likely that dinoswords were easy prey that was picked apart by sword-dinosaurs brave enough to risk cutting their tongues.

Some sages and scholars estimate that these dinoswords slowly changed over time into various birdswords and sword-bladed birds, but it is hard to say for sure. Considered by some as evidence to the contrary, ancient dinoswords are still occasionally found in deep caverns or buried underground, where they have slept for tens of thousands of years. A living dinosword revived from its dirt nap fetches are unfathomable amount of gold swollars at auction. More often though, all that remains is their metal blade and the bones of their handles; which are still largely coveted, especially by factions such as the Bone Dwarves.

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