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The Golden Assassin - master of the 79 Golden Sword arts. Auramasa was once a King, but now he works as a killer, taking on only the most valuable bounties.

Auramasa was hired by the Great Sage of the Heavens to eliminate Rapier Tapir in the battle of the Worselands, so that in the event that the Demon King failed, the Great Sage would still become the acting steward of Hiltshire. Auramasa travelled across the Badlands and the Worselands, easily defeating several giant monsters before arriving to battle his intended target.

Auramasa dispatched the rampaging spirit of the Godsword, before being subdued himself by Joyeuse and Harpe.

The 79 Golden Sword arts are an ancient set of skills from a lost Kingdom, which can only be performed by a blade coated in gold.

Golden Sword Arts:

Aurora Augury


Soul Audit

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